Founder & Executive Director

Adil Issah

Issah is the Executive Director of Caring Volunteers Network-CAVNET. Issah has over three years’ experience in the management of NGO projects and programmes; has considerable knowledge and experience in gender and planning, poverty reduction, social policy planning, project management and environmental issues. Issah is an effective strategist, communications and fund development leader with 3 years’ experience engaging stakeholders to advance public policy, increase profile and financial support in non-profit organizations. Issah has extensive planning, program development and management experience.

He is responsible for leading the strategic directions of CAVNET, the implementation of its strategic plan and the day to day operations. Previously, Issah served as a volunteer with Jacobs Well Appeal Ghana where he managed research network, staff capacity-building, and new project development. He also played a key role in the scaling up of successful programs with particular focus on education and agriculture.

Issah has a wealth of experience implementing and managing randomized evaluations in the field. Issah holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Planning and Management from the University for Development Studies in Ghana. He is passionate about traveling and helping people. In his spare time, he likes to read motivational books.