The awesome people making management related policies and making decisions on major organisational issues.

Founder & Executive Director

Adil Issah

Issah is the Executive Director of Caring Volunteers Network-CAVNET. Issah has over

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Director of Strategic Partnerships

Brigette Wardrick

Brigette is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Caring Volunteers Network-CAVNET. She

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Systems Support Officer

Luke Dabuo

Luke is the Systems Support Officer at CAVNET. His engineering training coupled

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Director of Operations

Suntaa Konogini

Suntaa is the Director of Operations for Caring Volunteers Network-CAVNET. Suntaa joined

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Volunteering is an easy way to get involved in practical conservation. putting our faith into action to help the world’s poorest create lasting change. For people affected by poverty or disaster, health is essential to a better future.

Vincent Asaaba


Razak Abudi


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