Ensuring access to food and livelihood security in the Upper West Region and the country as a whole is a fundamental human necessity. The right to good food and healthy lives for all should be ensured and secured, however, the socio-economic conditions coupling with climate change is making it difficult for rural communities to secure their livelihood. In the three regions of the north, about 680,000 people, representing 16% of all households, are estimated to be facing food insecurity. These regions have continually recorded high incidence of poverty and food insecurity despite Ghana’s efforts in ending hunger and meeting the Sustainable Development Goal 1. As such, there is the need to intervene to reduce the vulnerability level of small holder farmers through increasing investments in agriculture to meet the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2. Smallholder farmers, defined as cultivating five acres or less, represent 62% of farming households in northern Ghana. Nearly half (49%) of smallholder farmers are poor and they disproportionately face various constraints such as the cost of agricultural inputs, limiting their ability to invest in agricultural production and resulting in a lower output, and placing them in a food insecure state.



Our goal will be to ensure the livelihood security of men and women in deprived communities are attained through alternative livelihood empowerment initiatives.



  • To assist farmer based organizations to increase crop production and productivity.
  • To assist women’s groups have access to farm lands.
  • To create marking opportunities for farmer based organizations.
  • To assist rural farmers to improve and increase their livestock production as an alternative source of livelihood.
  • To assist men and women to undertake small scale businesses as an alternative source of livelihood.
  • To assists farmers to advocate for the implementation of the pro poor agricultural policies, access to fair local and international markets and to promote the consumption of local products.