According to the GSS, eight (8) out of every ten (10) people picked at random in the upper west region are poor and one of the two regions where poverty has worsen for the past eight (8) years (GSS REPORT 2008). This has affected negatively in the situation of the region. The right to good health, nutrition and devoid of diseases is paramount to every person irrespective of your religion, or tribes; however, the region is faced with the following challenges in the area of health.


Our goal will be to improve and maintain the health status of the people of Upper West Region through health education and promotion.


  • Advocate and educate on the importance of health access and qualified health personnel.
  • To support and promote the sexual and reproductive health of young people by providing evidence-based interventions and supporting rights-based advocacy activities
  • Educate drugs sellers on proper uses, handling and prescription of medicine.
  • Promote good nutrition practices and nutritious livelihood options.
  • HIV/AIDS prevention through gender advocacy, education, retroviral treatment advocacy and advocacy for PLWHA care and support.
  • Promote enrollment and retention of the NHIS and advocacy for the rights of patient and access to quality health care.
  • Work closely with food drugs board and Ghana Standards Board to ensure quality and unexpired drugs in the market.



Come an volunteer at a local hospital or clinic