Farming Helps People Help Themselves

Farming as we know it became a part of our species evolutionary development around 12,000 years ago. Humankind now uses roughly 37% of the global land surface for agriculture and only 11% is for crops such as wheat. However farming is a source of food for human beings regardless of the land surface size used for this purpose. A person that has learned the skills needed for planting and harvesting crops can provide nourishment for himself, his family and neighbors.

Issah Adil from Caring Volunteers Network (CAVNET) has announced a new project that is under development in the Upper West Region of Ghana, Africa. Issah and the team from CAVNET are dedicated to helping individuals and communities learn skills and trades that offer personal and collective self-sufficiency. Farming is a useful trade that gives people food and teaches them how to nurture and recycle the land for practical community project.

Are you a member of an agricultural or community development organization and have an interest in helping people in Ghana, Africa? Issah Adil and CAVNET have started a new project that will provide housing for volunteer workers, farming structures for local communities and educational support through workshops to help teach communities helpful agricultural skills. The project is already started and is looking for volunteers to help during the summer of 2018.

Here is additional information provided by Issah about the EcoNatives project that is being hosted by the Caring Volunteer Network: 
All our activities are community based. We have a good working relationship with the people. This is a participatory project aimed at empowering the community to increase their incomes through improved farming practices and capacity building. #eco#ecovillage #sustainability #volunteer #volunteerism #volunteerabroad ##ecotravellers#ecofriendlyproducts #ecotravel #ecotourism #geotourism #sustainabletravel#sustainaletourism #sustainablefarming #sustainablehome #sustainablefuture#summeringhana #summerinafrica #summerinternship #africa #Ghana

Caring Volunteers Network (CAVNET) is launching a new project called EcoNatives Green Building Project. We want to promote Environmental Sustainability through using traditional clay bricks to build an Eco Village in the Upper West Region of Ghana. This eco village will serve several purposes:

1. Serve as a training ground to teach local farmers about sustainable farming practices and improve agricultural productivity in the area.

2. Provide a space to host workshops for CAVNET for various topics such as Volunteerism, Service, Entrepreneurship, Education training, and Health.

3. Serve as accommodation and a lodging area for international volunteers who wish to volunteer on any of our CAVNET projects.

The EcoNatives Green Building Fellowship is a 4 week program providing international fellows the opportunity to learn now to design and construct environmentally sustainable mud brick houses, African style! Fellows will gain hands on experience learning from and working alongside local community members and Ghanaian polytechnic students. CAVNET cordially invites you to come and participate in the EcoNatives Green Building Project. We would love to host you and your team in the near future.

There are many possibilities available for individuals, groups or organizations that are interested in during volunteer work for the Caring Volunteer Network-CAVNET. Issahand his team have the highest dedication and deepest commitment to helping people and communities learn, grow and become self-sufficient. 

Creating a sustainable Eco-friendly mud house requires that you source all your materials from the community. Join us this summer and get your hands dirty. Send us an email at or give us a call at 0240122491(WhatsApp) 

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