The protection of environment is a pressing issue. Every person has an obligation and duty to protect it. Environmental protection encompasses not only pollution but also sustainable development and conservation of natural resources and the ecosystem. Today, the necessity of environmental awareness and enforcement is more demanding and urgent than ever before.


One of the most glaring problems which the world faces today is the environmental pollution. Man has exploited nature excessively at the cost of the environment. There is an immediate need to make people aware about environmental degradation. Education and public participation may change and improve the quality of environment. According to UNESCO, “Environmental education is a way of implementing the goals of environmental protection. It is not a separate branch of science but lifelong interdisciplinary field of study.” It means education towards protection and enhancement of the environment and education as an instrument of development for improving the quality of life of human communities. Our focus will be in the area of helping communities overcome climate change, educating the next generation of leaders to be more conscious of protecting the environment. The main aim of environmental education at the grass root level is to succeed in making individuals and communities understand the complex nature of the natural and the built environments.



  1. To provide communities and individuals with an opportunity to be actively involved at all levels in environmental decision making.
  2. To train communities to acquire a set of values for environmental protection.
  3. To assist communities to acquire knowledge of the environment beyond the immediate environment.
  4. To plant trees in schools and public spaces


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