CAVNET Embarks on Afforestation Project

Deforestation in Ghana is considered one of the highest in the World. At an annual rate of 2% equivalent to 135,000 hectares per annum, remnant forest outside of the gazetted forest reserve are likely to be completely liquidated in the next 10 years, and the forest reserves will be under a more ACUTE THREAT of ENCROACHMENT and other ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES if very serious and concerted action to eliminate the threats is not taken.

What are you doing now to protect your community from CLIMATE CHANGE?

Well, Caring Volunteers Network recently met with a few community members from the town called Ga in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region. Theirs is a model community with trees planted by every household and a large conservation area in the center of town. A few years ago, they worked with Ghana-Canada in Concert on an afforestation project within their community.  The project was aimed at protecting the trees and wildlife in the surrounding area while providing opportunities for the community to improve their livelihoods.  The project has since ended but the community has been instilled with an appreciation for nature and an understanding that natural resource conservation is vital to the sustainability of the community.

Therefore, Caring Volunteers Network has agreed to partner with members of the community to build new nurseries and conservation areas near the natural waterbody that rests in the area.  These nurseries we focus on growing trees such as Mango, Cashew, Mahogany and Eucalyptus trees among others. These trees will not only protect the environment against the threat of climate change but also serve as sources of income and food for the community members.

Once the nurseries are built, CAVNET will work and partner with schools, communities and farmers to embrace the concept of planting trees to protect our communities against Climate Change.