Discussions on Gender-Based Violence in Upper West Region

Our team had an interactive session with selected queen mothers and women’s groups in the Upper West Region on all forms of Gender-based violence against women in the region. Critical amongst others is the issue of early and forced marriage of girls and access to farm lands for economic activities.

We are poised to increase our advocacy to ensure that all women in the region will have access to farm lands so that they take good care of their children in schools especially the girl child.

We also had more engagements with various women groups on all forms of Gender-based violence against women. We solicited their views on violence against women and how they can help stop these violence against them. They came out with so many ideas on how we could end violence against women and early child marriage in the Upper West Region.

Team CAVNET is working tirelessly with these women to find lasting solutions to the problem. Community sensitization activities and including men in this discourse will help to reduce these various acts of violence.
Watch this space for more details on our advocacy project to ensuring a safe environment for our mothers.