Nothing is more fulfilling and satisfying than community work and development. This is where you find real time issues that hits you like raw sauce. To effectively deal with the numerous community challenges, you will need to understand them very well.

Our philosophy is using community members to solve their problems. This is where the use of indigenous knowledge is key to community development and poverty reduction.

The over dependence on government for everything is not the way to go.

Our team met the chief, elders and the Fulani leaders in the community on peaceful co-existence and respecting the rights of one another during a community engagement at Bihee in the Wa Municipality

We spoke extensively on peace building and how their cultures and knowledge systems can contribute to the sustainable development agenda in the Upper West Region.

At the end of the day, we were able to set up a committee that will be in charge of handling issues pertaining to the Fulanis in the community. Once there is in place a committee, conflicts would be drastically reduced to the barest minimum.