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We are looking for people who are ambitious and want to develop their careers while making a strong contribution to CAVNET’s long-term, sustainable growth.

We actively seek to recruit talented people from all academic backgrounds into CAVNET to offer you an opportunity to learn firsthand about the organisation, our way of doing things.

CAVNET’s internship gives you a unique opportunity to learn and work side-by-side with our professionals. Our interns don’t learn by watching, they learn by getting involved in real tasks. The internships below are not exhaustive, but provide a taste of what’s available.

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Caring Volunteers Network is a local-based Non-Governmental Organization operating in the Upper West Region of Ghana, its headquarters located in the Wa Municipality, directly behind SSNIT office at Kabanye. The organization has been established to bring help, good health and development to our society, especially, the poor and needy in the rural areas. The organization also identifies brilliant but needy children and assists them in their educational pursuit. Also, the organization is committed to finding lasting solutions to the perennial and pervasive poverty problems in the region and Ghana as a whole.


With the Headmaster of the school

Students and Teachers

Students and Teachers

As part of the organisation’s projects for the year in the Upper West Region, it rehabilitated the washroom of a primary school called Wa Model Primary located within the Wa Municipality. Speaking at the hadnding over ceremony, the Executive Director advised the students and the teachers to manage and maintain the washroom for the benefits of all.

The headmaster of the school couldn’t hide his joy after seeing the new wasgroom. He thanked the management of CAVNET for the good works they are doing within the region.

Smiles on the faces of the children

Smiles on the faces of the children

He took the opportunity to appeal for more washrooms to be constructed for the school considering the huge number of students in the school.



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Books are essential to every process of education, information, creativity and development. They are also an instrument for dialogue and a key tool in building democracy and social and intercultural communication. Last but not least, books are the irreplaceable medium of that pleasure of reading which captivates millions of human beings of all ages every day, in both the North and the South, throughout the world. With their noblest of missions and many tasks, books are central to the great effort that goes into increasing their role in the life of societies, especially societies in developing countries. Books are works of the mind which, through the variety of their contents and different forms of human expression, feed our shared intellectual heritage in all its diversity.

Our research shows that over 95% of children in the public schools in Wa Municipal do not have story books and enough textbooks to enable them learn effectively. There are over 60 basic schools in the Wa Municipal. The project will go a long way to enhance the quality of learning of these in the public schools. The objectives of the project include the following

  • To encourage children to read
  • To distribute books and toys to children
  • To activate and reinforce skills of children
  • To improve the critical thinking skills of children  We are in need of Used or New Story Books, Textbooks(Maths, English, Science, Information and Communication Technology-ICT, used toys and computers. We are looking for reading materials from grade 1-9.



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A local Non -governmental Organization based in the Wa Municipality has started the renovation of some washrooms in Wa Municipal Model School. Two dilapidated washrooms which were virtually abandoned by the pupils due to their deteriorated nature are being renovated to making them suitable for usage.


The Founder and Chief Executive of Caring Volunteers Network CAVNET Mr. Issah Adil indicated that their research has revealed that about ninety percent of the washrooms at the basic schools within the Wa Municipality are in very deplorable conditions.


Haven realized this, we are beginning with Wa Model and we are targeting renovating all those in very deplorable conditions before the end of the year’ he added.


He however was emphatic that despite the fact that the renovation of the washroom is the major project for the year, a series of mentorship programs would also be initiated in order to bring out the best of children.

CAVNET is a local NGO that is focused on poverty alleviation within the Wa Municipality and would unfold several projects in due course.

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