Brigette Wardrick

BRIGETTE WARDRICK, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Brigette WardrickBrigette is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Caring Volunteers Network-CAVNET.

She joined CAVNET as a team member in 2016 after serving as an online social media volunteer. Brigette earned a B. A. in Political Science in December 2013.

 As a McNair Scholar, she published a thesis entitled Resolving Issues of Conflict Countries Through Constitutions: South Africa and Afghanistan. She has also had experience working for the U.S. Department of State for the Bureau of Southern African Affairs.

Upon completing her undergraduate degree, she taught primary and middle school children in Ghana as well as analyzed some of the economic factors stunting the country’s development.

Currently, Brigette is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Development Practice at Columbia University. Upon graduation, she aspires to be a supervisor of sustainable projects in developing countries. She is particularly interested in sustainable infrastructure and housing, renewable energy, agriculture, water management, and rural development.