About us

Caring Volunteers Network is a local-based Non-Governmental Organization operating in the Upper West Region of Ghana, its headquarters located in the Wa Municipality, directly behind SSNIT office at Kabanye. The organization has been established to bring help, good health and development to our society, especially, the poor and needy in the rural areas. The organization also identifies brilliant but needy children and assists them in their educational pursuit. Also, the organization is committed to finding lasting solutions to the perennial and pervasive poverty problems in the region and Ghana as a whole.

The idea of the formation of the organization was born in  2010 by a group of university students and eventually matured in  2013. These young university students had the desire to come together as an organization after spending two months in deprived communities in the Northern and Upper East Regions, Karimenga and Kansogo respectively. These young university students think that, the solution to the bedevilling poverty that engulfed the region are within ourselves and therefore saw it necessary to take up the challenge. As patriotic and concerned citizens of the region, we think that the only way to fighting poverty in the region is advocating education for all, promoting healthy lifestyles, sanitation and environmental friendliness for better health, ensuring food security and advocacy.

Caring Volunteers Network is currently operating in the Wa municipal, Wa East and Wa West. However, we have the intention of scaling-up to other districts, especially Nadowli, Jirapa and Sissala West districts anytime soon. The organization is focused on five thematic areas which include;


As a Non-Governmental Organization, Caring Volunteers Network’s mandate is to help fight poverty in rural areas especially low- income and food deficit communities through people centered approach; by facilitating for the initiation of sustainable community development program aimed at assisting the indigents to increase their food and income security alongside improving their health and educational status and also encouraging their active participation in local and national governance for sustainable development. The organization will achieve this by partnering with other international Non-Governmental organizations and multi-lateral donors and agencies, and also working with marginalized groups, including self-help women and their families. Caring Volunteers Network will also be linking the target groups to pro-poor credit organizations and also provide them with technical and financial support to improve their economic status generally and thereby facilitating a positive change in the people for a better life.


A world where no child would be deprived of education, health, livelihood and an environment free of destruction


To be an international NGO that is committed, caring and consistent in the provision of educational support, health and livelihood to children and communities at large under a friendly environment.


Transparency, Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Collaboration and Creativity.


The Organization concerns itself with issues affecting health, education, water and sanitation, livelihood and advocacy that are basic for the holistic development and functioning of the human being. To spearhead these, the organizations goal is to work in partnership with International and Multi-lateral Donors and Agencies, Government, community members, Traditional Authorities, parliamentarians, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives, Civil Society Groups and together we mobilize, secure, enhance and sustain the livelihoods of resource core poor people by improving their skills and capacity building to influence policies and practices that have a telling effect in their lives generally; and thereby achieving their basic rights and needs in life.

Our specific objectives are;

  1. To identify brilliant but needy children and assist them in their educational pursuit.
  2. To promote girl child education.
  3. To facilitate the improvement of the general health status of community members, especially the indigents.
  4. To support and help harness community initiatives for quality education.
  5. To contribute to the enhancement and sustenance of the livelihoods security of community members and also maintain environmental friendliness for better human growth and development.
  6. To support research and other community advocacy initiatives.
  7. To raise, mobilize and disburse funds and other resources for the promotion of the organization.
  8. To promote or assist in the promotion of any organization or company or other bodies having objectives similar to that of the organization.



Founder & Executive Director

Director of Operations

Project Coordinator

Systems Support Officer


BRIGETTE WARDRICK Director Director of Strategic Partnerships